Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, whether on imprinted on their memory, on paper or on blog.

This is mine and i will add, scratch off as i go. I'm hoping for a long life so there's no real time limit!

  1. Wear a bikini
  2. Do up a airplane seat belt without straining a muscle or crushing internal organs
  3. Be able to jog for 4 minutes
  4. Be able to jog for 5 minutes i just managed it, but my fittness has declined again, but i did it!
  5. Be able to jog a mile
  6. Be able to jog a 5k
  7. Move into my own home Moved into my home in October 2011
  8. Get engaged Boyfriend and I got engaged January 1st 2012
  9. Get married
  10. Pay for my own holiday
  11. Have a child
  12. Travel to Asia
  13. Travel to Africa
  14. Travel to South America
  15. Travel to North America
  16. Ride a horse
  17. Ride a Camel i had the chance to do this but i felt it was cruel to do it and backed out.... but still, i had the chance!
  18. Swim with dolphins
  19. play with a baby chimp
  20. Play with a lion cub
  21. Go to a theme park and not worry about fitting into the seats
  22. Go to Disney Land
  23. Do my fantasy road trip on the west coast of America
  24. Go on a Cruise
  25. Become a qualified youth worker
  26. Go Skinny dipping
  27. Get a piggy back off of BF
  28. Be able to sit on BF's shoulders
  29. Weigh 19 stone (266 lbs)
  30. Be a size 20 in tops
  31. Be a size 20 in Jeans