Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 1

So my last post was more for me than for you, it was a reminder that this is something i am going to do, and give it my best again. It's written down and something i now have to follow through.

I am going to have to reset all my stats, will add to the stats column and add my lowest weight. At the moment i won't be going to a class as my  work schedule is all over the place and was one thing (along with laziness) that stopped the whole process.

Today so far i have eaten 37 out of my 47 points, i have no idea what to have for my last 10. i know i should eat up all my points. I am planning to get on the wii for at least 30 mins (stepping, boxing and hoola hooping).

I am also doing a shopping list so i can plan and make healthy meals, although i feel like i have forgotten all my healthy meals after binging on pizza, chips and take away for the past few months. I am getting fresh vegetables, lean meat, and filling foods. Although, and i am sure you agree with me on this, i just wish i could have a cook that made me my meals and said "here you go, it will fill you up and its super delicious!"

 I have been using these wii weights and i'm hoping they will add to the work out. I use them when i'm doing my stepping, and i do the stepping for about 10 minutes, because you put it on in the background and watch regular tv and the wii remote plays a rhythmic beat so you can keep up with the steps. i also am using them for the boxing. I would recommend them as they aren't super heavy and you do feel like you have done a workout! I've posted a link of the exact ones i am using below.

Today has been ok, i've been trying to change my bad habits. I was some chocolate fingers on the table when i got in and instinctively went to have some, but i realised what i was doing and stopped. That's something to pat myself on the back for. These little things that we say no to, is almost an achievement in itself, because i don't know about you, but for me, it's hard to say no. Not when you are in your own home and no one around to judge you for what you are, maybe not even necessarily realise, eating. These first few days are hard if you have not watched what you ate. I'm sure my stomach has been stretched by what i have eaten, i now need to slowly wait and let it shrink back by eating sensible portions. Feeling hungry is the worst feeling for an over eater like myself. I'm feeling it now, i'm going to go have some strawberries (0pp) and drink some water to quiet down the pangs.


3rd time lucky?

Hello again,
It's been, ashamedly too long. I was on the straight and narrow then life got in the way and i made bad food choices and lazyness fell into place. I've steadily put on the weight i lost and them some. I have found once again, my jeans are too tight, i no longer have anything to wear as my clothes look horrible on and harmless comments that have nothing to do with my size...are upsetting me.

So here we go again, take 3! Third time lucky? hopefully. I want to go away sometime this year, on a plane and i don't want to suffer the humiliation of being too big for the seat belt....or even seat! I started last night. I did 30 mins of Wii fitness, I've started to count my points. and i will weigh myself every Thursday night or Friday morning.

I'm thinking about buying the zumba fitness for the Wii but reviews say that it's not that accurate but as long as you are moving, that's all that matters. So i am umming and ahhing over that. I'm going to ask boyfriend to take brutally honest pictures so hopefully i will be able to see a difference when i start losing and can hopefully use that as encouragement.

That's about it. I just wanted to put it out there.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Back on the wagon

hey all, I've started weight watchers again, I've finished my second week and even though I've been a good girl losing weight I've been a bad girl when blogging on here. I've been blogging over on my other blog on the ww website. So I'm gonna post on there and on here... so this is yesterday's post from the ww blog.

Helllllo! Weigh in over and i can again proudly say that i have shed off another 3 lbs this fat suit! I'm so happy :D that's a total of 8.5lbs in 2 weeks which means i got my first silver 7! To celebrate i headed over to a zumba class.

It's so much fun with my friend, i still can't get my head round some of the steps... (there are too many people in front and i can't see) but other steps i can totally do! I'm just well out of practice...i haven't danced to a routine in about..... 14 years. It does get tiring, but if i ever sense myself slowing down, not doing it 100% i push through and try that bit harder! I always feel it in my thighs.

I'm super sleepy, Tuesdays are absolutely manic for me. I have rainbows at 5:15 for an hours, then gotta drive over to my friends to pick her up to go to weight watchers for 6:30 that finishes about 7:30 then we whizz over to zumba for 8 and that finishes about 9:15 to then drive my friend back home and if (like today) i had dropped the bf off my friends house to hand out with her hubby, pick him up to drive us home.... looooong 4 hours!

So not quite an essay this time. But i is sleeeeepy and 90210 is on!

loadsa love
from a 3lb lighter girl in a fat suit! :D Have a good week girlies and gents!