Tandoori Chicken Bites with rice and mint yogurt

I just made this up this afternoon after looking for a quick lunch for 2. 5 points each (based on 130g of cooked rice and 100g of grilled chicken per person)

5 mins to prepare and 14 to cook.


6 Chicken Pieces
1 Cup of Rice
Tandoori Spices
Garlic paste
lemon juice
some low fat yogurt
  • Pre heat the grill to a medium-high setting.
  • So i got my chilled chicken in a plastic sandwich bag (mainly because i don't like touching chicken) i added some garlic paste, tandoori spices and lemon juice (Add to these to your taste) just so they coated the chicken.
  • i placed the chicken in the grill
  • In a plastic container i put in 1 cup of rice and two ups of water with some salt and put it in the microwave for 7 minutes on high.
  • Whilst this was all cooking, i put around 2 tablespoons of low fat yogurt in a small bowl, added a pinch of tandoori spice (mainly for colour), half a tea spoon of dried mint ( you can use fresh) and a hint of salt and pepper.
  • After the rice has been in for 7 minutes i gave it a quick stir, and put it in for another 7 minutes and turned the chicken over.
  • After the the 7 minutes are up, place on a plate and you can place some of the mint yogurt on the plate or just leave so others can serve them selves. again this is about taste.