Tuesday, 19 October 2010

One step at a time

It's been months since i have done any C25K training and will probably have to start all over again. So this in mind and knowing i've got to start moving i have started to use all my CardioTrainer apps on my android phone.

i've set my goal of losing 4lbs in 3 weeks, CardioTrainer thinks it's an ambitious goal with an average risk of failure. Ha i will prove it wrong! The plan we have put together is around walking 8 miles 5 times a week (weekends i'm at work and constantly stand and walk, however i don't know how much i do). The walking should roughly help me lose 0.35lb and eating around 490 less calories daily should lead to a weekly weight loss of 1.33lbs.

Yesturday CardioTrainer i walked i walked a total of 2.2 miles, but i'd say it was more around 2.5 maybe a little more as the satalite sometimes wouldn't connect properly. Today i did 1.5 miles around the blocks of my home. So, thats a total of around 4 miles, 2 days in and already half way to my target of miles!

I can't wait to weigh myself. i have to stop myself going, because that could be somewhat distructive. So yeah, one day at a time...one step at a time

Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Quick Catchup

Hi guys, i have been away really for a few months, laziness more than anything. I've had a few ups and downs, just trying to keep positive.

Since June i have put on 9lbs, mostly emotional eating, the need to fill a void, which i know food could not really fill but i gave it a go anyway.

My best friend and i are having a real rough patch for something i apparently said to her mum, but personally it's been blown way out of proportion and her and her husband have been real petty over it all, their behaviour has been quite high school. It upsets me that such a friendship we had can be turned around just like that over something quite trivial. It really has upset me, even questioning if this will ever end. I hope we can put it behind us, however this fight has spurred me on to want to relocate to where my bf is originally from, all i need is to train in the field i want to work in. Which is easier said than done.

I still have not started that first youth worker job, it's so frustrating. I think they are waiting on the budget announcements that the new government will be announcing later this week. I have a second one starting soon, this was pushed back a month as they were having "staffing issues" All these set backs just make it all the more frustrating. I just want to train and work! It's bringing tears to my eyes just thinking about it all!

A move up north will be just what the doctor ordered really, Bf and i have loads of friends up there as we went to uni there and he grew up there. It's cheaper too.

So back to weight, i have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks and bought myself an amazing red dress to wear to the wedding, it's just a little tight. So on Monday i went back on the scales and learnt i weighed 10lbs more...not the end of the world, especially as i thought it would of been more... much more actually. I then reweighed myself yesterday, and within 5 days i had lost 5lbs. It's a great motivation. I'd love to be what i was at my lowest at this journey and then carry on! So, i have 2 more weeks to loose another 5 lbs. It's totally do-able! I've gotta stay positive and focus on me! I'll defo post up pictures of this amazing dress!