Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I want to do this.

This little business is something i REALLY want to succeed in. I want to create my OWN business. For many reasons of course.

The main idea of it of course did come from profit... as with any business profit must be made, i earn around £200 a month with my job, I'm not signing on as well.... whats the point for an extra £8 a month? So yeah i do want to earn a little bit of extra money whilst my life settles financial wise. But secondly and most importantly, us plus size ladies, and we are young ones too are somewhat fashion orientated, some of us are loosing weight and cannot afford to buy in between size clothes and we make do. Especially if shops such as Evans can get away charging nearly £30 for a Tshirt!

So this is my plan, I am going to open up a website, and sell good quality clothes, shoes, bags...whatever, both new and second hand (pre loved ;) )for less than £10, most Items probably less than £5. I want to create a rapport with clients, get to know their sizes and their likes and dislikes and recommend items to them. Most of all i want my clients to feel special when they order, excited to open their pink package that arrived, rip open the pink tissue paper that envelopes their new garments and find not only the item they wanted but a little personalised note to them thanking them for their time and for purchasing their item and i hope they are very happy together.

These clothes are from one plus size girl to another. With love and a passion for fashion. My company will be a girly girl company, who is friendly, approachable, non judgemental and personal. It will be called So Delightful.

So i have a lot to do.... now, to find a cheap domain, that comes with email and to relearn HTML.

So my question to you. If this all took off, would you consider buying some clothes online from me?

Friday, 3 September 2010

The Entrepreneur in Me

I've been away from the world of blogging and twitter for a few weeks with some half hearted attempts to rejoining the world. But I'm fresh off my hols and i am back! Just before i went on holiday i did a little self plug on my clothes on ebay. Well it did so well, that not only was i impressed but so was the boyfriend's parents and not only did they insist me keeping the money i raised but to invest it into a mini business.

So i invested some of that money into acquiring new "stock" at rock bottom prices of course and have a new "range" on my ebay page with many items starting off at 99p.

I have bought myself pink postage bags, i have a logo i have always used but need a name to go with those initials in the logo. I'm thinking So Delightful! So i have some amazing plus size stock....cheap prices...now all i need is the customers. All you lovely people are doing amazingly well on your weight losses it can be very expensive to buy clothes when you are in between sizes. I am cheap! Many items less than £5 and the postage and packaging are fair because it does include the postage as well as the packaging.

What do you say? Will you have a look at my ebay page? I do have more to put up, that's tonight's job. But if you like what you see will you pass on the secret to any other friends or relatives? I'm gonna look at some of the sizes more closely as i have a size 30 dress suit (£5.99 or £10 buy it now) but it looks like i can fit into it and i am a 22/24.

If this second run is successful then I'm seriously considering to turn it into a fully fledged ebay business selling super affordable plus size clothes that are fashionable and not made for the 60 year old in you!

I do have the odd smaller size on there and i do have large shoe sizes such as an 8 or 9!

Here's to the entrepreneur in me and adding a little bit of extra money into the bank account.

My ebay page is: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/u0504045/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340