Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bare Naked Me!

I was messing around with my camera phone, and posted a twitpic up of the end result so some of you may have seen this. And the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is very true, however i wanted to add a few extra words to that picture.

It saddens me that there are girls out there that feel the need to put on make up to even step out the house to even go to the corner shop. Now i'm not one of those feminists but i do believe that everyone is beautiful. I only ever wear make up if i am going out (pub/club), event or sometimes if i am bored and have time. I go to work at the unnamed retail store ( i'm not allowed to mention the store in case i light it in a bad light) and i don't wear make up. Reason 1) I cannot be bothered to put on the make up first thing, 2) It's so hot behind the till and i run around so much it either melts or i rub it all around my face.

People shouldn't feel like they are prettier with make up, everyone is beautiful in their own individual way. Please remember that boys and girls! You are beautiful... Inside and out! Sometimes i feel harsh saying people don't need make up, i am sorry if i am sounding harsh. I realise that people do have low self esteem/confidence, and they do feel better for wearing make up. If that makes them feel better and beautiful then carry on, but the point i am trying to put across is.


So without further due, i will stop my ranting and show you my bare naked face!
I have bags under my eyes, chubby cheeks and shiny skin in certain lights! But i have a belief that i am beautiful. I love my eyes, lips, eyebrows, smile.... what do you love about yourself?


  1. You are adorable...just saying. I have to disagree with you on the makeup thing, but I respect your opinion on it.

    I wear makeup because it enhances my beauty - not because I feel ugly without it. I prefer to have an even skin tone and eyes that pop and makeup helps make that happen even on days that I'm tired. ;)

    I don't know how you dress, but I tend to wear sun dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, etc. so anyone who knows me would say I'm girly. Maybe that's another reason I love Sephora? ;)

    Makeup is not a magic cure, but it's definitely not a crutch for low self-esteem either. Sure, it can be, but things aren't that black and white in my world.

    Again, you're pretty..hope you have a stellar weekend!

  2. I like how I look with makeup, but truly I am too lazy to use it every day! I always have been. I have been vain about my brain, but not my looks. However, now that I am past 40, relying on nature does not seem to be cutting it. You however look just fine without it!

  3. I agree. You are beautiful. What a radiant smile!