Saturday, 10 July 2010

I feel like a total junky!

So i was in the mood for a major One Tree Hill marathon. But what goes hand in hand with any sort of marathon? Sweets, ice cream, chocolate.... I was so close to popping down to my local shop to buy a tenners worth of junk food. I felt like a junky, totally excited in getting my hit. I told myself no... i will be good. Then the thought of Chinese creeps into my mind... i could totally get that, save some for bf for when he comes... I tell myself no... a firm no. Without thinking I'm putting my shoes on and thinking maybe just some chips from the kebab shop. Why am i doing this to myself? Why have i been finding excuses to sabotage myself? I have decided to distract myself by writing in my blog that i have neglected.

I have been going up and down in the same weight range for about the past month. I find it so frustrating, but i only have myself to blame. But food taste soooooo good, but I've been falling back into old habits. Healthy food can be scrumptious too, i have seem to forgotten that, i have been turning to toffee popcorn, cadbury's flake, M&S Belgian chocolate flapjack. Chips, crisps, alcohol, pizza, it's all been a down hill spiral of rubbish food.

It doesn't comfort me, it doesn't make me happy at the end of the day, well on the day of the weigh in for sure. So here we go again, take god knows how many. I need to just turn over a new leaf. This image just came into my head when saying that last sentence.

But with a lot more crumpled paper around. Sitting here with the second episode i can almost taste a flake just melting in my mouth. It just makes me feel sad. Sad that this feels like a new low. How can i be that desperate for chocolate.... it may be because i am just hungry. I think i will go down now and make myself a nice easy weight watchers ready meal.

How do you avert your attention from wanting junk and stopping yourself actually eating it?


  1. It can be tough!! Believe me, I know. >.<

    You could try maybe going to the store and buying a very small piece of chocolate, and savoring it when you get back, and have that be that. Although that advice was always given to me ("just have a little bit of what you want, and then the craving will go away!") and it never really worked - it just triggered me to eat a whole bunch more.

    BUT, I know that for some people, it does work. Good luck with the diet!!

  2. I completely understand where you are. I'm there myself, and I gave in this past week. Sadly, I'll be up, and I'll hate myself for doing this to myself once again....

  3. I know how you feel! For me my downfall always seems to be when I go home for the weekend. It is hard to lose weight. My mother has always said "its so easy to put the weight on, but so hard to take it off". I find myself, like you, on a weight loss journey, and I am constantly giving in to temptation. But you a little temptation is alright. But I think the best way to stop them all coming at you at once is just take a moment to think to yourself, I have done all this hard work (29 pounds I believe for you) do I want to waste it all. Also what really helps me are nutrigrain bars. I know I know, you're probably saying gross! But they are good and they suffice my appetitite from time to time. Good look and I am now following your story :-)

    Feel free to check my weight loss journey out