Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Am I thin yet?

Has anyone had that feeling? You start a healthy routine (I do not want to say diet) and you forget it is a lifestyle change, a slow slog etc but expect to see dramatic results in next to no time? Yeah, that's me. Which could be the problem really.

I dread the idea of withholding food I adore. I have no will power and do not understand the concept of moderation, after all I wouldn't be in the situation I am in today. At work we sell these delicious sea salt fudge. They are to die for! But I have foregone the fudge and do I feel better for that choice? No! But I'm hoping that I will feel better for it in a month for my holiday, and in 13 months, for my wedding!

So Am I thin yet? Sadly no, but day by day I will be closer!

Lots of love,

The girl in the fat suit

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