Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wanted: real friends!

I'm ashamed to say I now consider my self without any real friends. How did I come to this conclusion? Well my one BFF ( if a 25 year old can actually have one, that may be a teen thing) has not spoken to me in around 2 weeks. I have not the foggiest as to why either. It isn't the first time either! Why should I always put a stop to my life to suit her? You know I would ring her and she would not answer, if I rang on withheld she would. Again, that is not a friendship. The excuse of having a child is not valid in my opinion as well she hasnt changed. Still the same old bull crap! Her child is now 6 months and I can say I have held her around 7 times!

I have friends don't get me wrong, but not real good, I can turn to at whatever the time of day/night friends. So now I am engaged, have been for 8 months and still have not chosen bridesmaids.

It was a given said ex BFF was maid of honour, as I was at her wedding. But she has not shown a bit of interest in the wedding apart from going to a wedding show because she wants to get away from her husband. When I said the next I wanted to go to was next year she then asked how about we went to go see the venue sometime in September? Not occurring to her that it's not as easy as just going. I have 3 jobs to get time off with.

So today I've been driving back from ikea after buying candles for the engagement part (which she was invited to weeks ago and has not even responded to texts and fb) and thinking about my bridesmaids.

I think that the bridesmaids I have will reflect parts of my life. My next door neighbour, we grew up together, playing everyday. My university friend. We went through so much together and talked everyday, she was also there the night we met. And the girl I would call a friend who is from bf's home town.

I have not asked them yet and would hope they wouldn't say no. It's that or I need to get me some new friends and fast!!!!

That is all, rant over

Lots of love

Girl in the fatsuit!

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