Monday, 13 August 2012

Hello Old Friends

So yes, the yo-yo dieter is back! i am due on on holiday in a month and only now do i panic! I need to get my ass into gear! I have completed day one of my WW, and had all my points. I recently decided it was the best idea in the world to buy a cross trainer. So i found one on ebay, bout it for around £40, stuffed it in my minute flat and have used it once... pfffft. I keep saying i want to use it when the bf is out the house, but because of his new work schedule...he is now in when i am in. So here i start... weighing the grand total of 22.8stone... i know realistically i won't lose that much in a month, but hoping i comes off the bum! I'm more scared about fitting in a plane seat comfortably than any one seeing me in my swim suit! wish me luck!

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