Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What a horrid day!

It's been awful, absolutely awful today! The worst part is, that it's not over. My brain is on overload! Just taking a break from work, having my lunch and pointing it all!

On the menu today:
Tesco's tomato and mozzarella Kiev - 8pp
Brown rice - 150g - 6pp
Carrot sticks - 0pp

A cheeky 14 pp for lunch, but still leaving me with 27 for the rest of the day!

Last night i gave the go ahead for the boyfriend to apply for a job on the other side of the country in his home town. It would mean i would go with him. It would be much better for him to do this. He would be working for a decent manufacturer, in the same company as his dad and have a stable job. Opposed as to what he is doing now.

I can transfer locations with one of my jobs (thank goodness for national chains!) I can pick up my youth work near by, even as volunteer and go back to university to study. The only thing i will miss down here is my few friends and family. But even then mum has already declared she would sell her home, buy a flat down here and one up north.

I think this is the best choice for us. It's playing on my mind though. But we can't be in limbo forever just for basic convenience. It adds stress, unneeded stress at that!

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