Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Forgive me....

Forgive me bloggers for i have sinned.... It has been over 2 weeks since my last weigh in.

I am ashamed to say that when i did last go to WW i had put on 3lbs and then with the wedding in it's final few things i have no had time to sit and plan, exercise and ate junk. Even last night i ate junk...burger, with cheese, chips, cheesy garlic bread AND some onion rings. Does it help that the burger has salad in it?

My excuse and it is an excuse i know, is that i was celebrating. I had just heard i had been offered a job. The job that will put me on the career ladder. I have also drank tons of alcohol, eaten tones of cheese, pizza and i dread to think what the results are.

Now sitting and thinking about all the truly wonderful and tasty foods i have eaten.... where are they now? They were with me to celebrate happiness, joy, to treat me for all the hard work i put in with a wedding that was not mine, to console me that the wedding is over and my best friend is now a Mrs and i won't see her for two weeks as she is in Orlando. Yes food has been there for many reasons... but now it's still with me... Its there haunting me, it's laughing at me. Its sitting round my stomach, my thighs. It's taunting me, telling me all the good hard work i did has now been undone.

There are two reasons i have not been to weight watchers, one i have been scared to see the results, and secondly i could not afford it. The wedding wiped me out. I do not have the cash... seriously my bank balance stands at £0.15.

So bloggers please forgive my past few weeks. I want to be good again, it may be boring but it makes me feel amazing. My "one day this will be true" mother-in-law has offered to pay for me. She says that if i don't get back in there then i will never go back. So next week i will be back!

Off i go now, just a short post to say sorry to my followers for my downfall but i will make both you and i proud and get back on that horse and count points! I'll turn to the boyfriend for comfort and not to food. But on a brighter note i shall put up a picture of us at the wedding. I am obviously not the bride and the one that looks like an oompa-loompa because of the spray tan that the bride told me to get.

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  1. First off, you look SO pretty in that dress!!

    Secondly, just get back on the awesome wagon that is weight loss. I know you can do it!

    If you need help, be sure to let me know! :o)

    Anytime you need an email buddy or someone to get your butt moving, send me a message. My email is bablovestwloha[at]hotmail[dot]com