Friday, 16 April 2010

Everyone is Exposed!

I love people, learning about them, talking to them and knowing their stories. That is why this week i have been fascinated about some of the current exposed blogs that people have written recently.

Personally i think fat is a horrible word and i am sure i am not alone in thinking it. Thinking what fat means to me is someone who is really really large... such as those who would be classed as morbidly obese. Morbidly obese is another term i don't like because to me it means your fat could kill you. It's a catch 22. So i have never liked to think myself as either labels, i am just me. However, i have always failed to recognise that the world may label me in either or both categories. But looking back at what i do look like, i cannot lie to myself any more. I am fat and my stats do make me morbidly obese. So what am i going to do?

I will tell you what i will not do. I will no longer continue to lie to myself. I will no longer ignore what i am eating, i will not ignore what body is telling me to do, because things have got to change.

Change is a big thing for most people, some are scared of it, some are motivated by it and others embrace it. I must learn not to be scared of change because this change i am working towards will change my life for the better. I must embrace this change, positive things will happen because of it and i am not doing this alone!

There is this girl on twitter, i find her an inspiration. Her name is Brooke, and i hope she does not mind me saying this but she is an inspiration for me for change. She is a beautiful young lady who has inspired me beyond belief to recognise that i can do this. She recently exposed her self and here is her story. Then there is (again i hope he doesn't mind me saying this) the ever so hunky Fat Lazy Guy who has lost a whopping 287 lbs! Truly amazing and fascinating. Then there is Ron. He like me, i believe is just starting his journey. I am a really lucky girl to have awesome people like these on my my twitter and to be able to read their stories and journeys.

So i am going to be a sheep and expose myself real soon!

Have a lovely day
lots of love
x x x x x

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