Thursday, 8 April 2010

And another loss!

No more Hen do's, birthdays or religious holidays that require you to drink and eat your size in chocolate or alcohol! Hurahh! I went to Weight Watchers on Tuesday dreading the scales and it turns out i LOST another 5 lbs!!! Bringing my total weight loss to a wonderful sweet sounding 16 lbs (1st 2 lbs).

I was given my first stone milestone stone to keep in my purse and i felt incredible and so motivated! I needed to go to the post office today and instead of jumping in the car and driving there i decided to walk, with words of encouragement fresh in my mind from the meeting. I don't know why i can find that walk to town so daunting and long when in reality it is no more than a 10 minute walk! I am seriously considering getting myself one of them pedometers that tells me how much I'd doing and if it is to a satisfactory level.

Other than that great news i am doing alright, really starting to consider the gym now, now that i am carrying a little less of well me! I would love to get into yoga, i think I'd like a wii fit too but something tells me i wouldn't really use it! that maybe a simple pedometer will do!

sending out loving thoughts to all yous :D

lots of love, from the girl in the fat suit!

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