Friday, 16 April 2010

Things I look forward to

I have touched upon this in one of my first blogs but things just keeping popping into my head that i can't wait to do. I'm hoping writing them down will be a permanent motivator to myself. Once i have achieved any of these i will cross them off.

  1. Ride roller coasters
  2. fly comfortably on a plane
  3. buy clothes from normal shops that aren't for "plus sized ladies"
  4. be able to wear heels for more than 10 minutes without them hurting
  5. share clothes with my friends
  6. wearing a skirt and not worrying how my thighs look and if it's too short
  7. not having to eye up a chair to see whether i will fit in or if it is sturdy enough
  8. not bumping into things or people with my bum!
  9. feel ok with myself when i go on holiday with bf and his family...the skinny s.o.b's :P ( i love them really)
  10. not being scared to wearing tops with no sleeves.
  11. Wearing a handbag over my shoulder/body and not have it come up to my mid stomache and not down my hip, where it should be.

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