Wednesday, 14 April 2010

pissed off!

so lets deal with the positive. I have lost another 2 lbs this week. Making my total loss to a lovely 18 lbs/ 1st 4 lbs. Agin i did not track this week, i ate chocolate too. But i really must start tracking. I have also needed to get the bus recently as i didn't have access to a car so i have been getting off a stop early or walking a stop extra to get my walk on. Also whilst out on my travels i popped into a charity shop just by chance and found "only fat people skip breakfast" so i will give that a read too.

So why am i pissed off? I think i could break that xbox!! pointless stupid machine that brainwashes stupid boyfriend!!! Boyfriend went up to the north where he is from because he had an aptitude test for a job. this is the second test for a second job that he has screwed up. He came out of university last June, an has picked a part time job. one day a week at a social club. He has not even applied to a single job whilst being down here! he's applied to 3 up north because his parents told him to. But down here? nope.

So yeah anyway he was meant to come down yesterday, i called him up and he said he was leaving soon, but then spent, 3 hours on the xbox. how do i know this? i have an app on my phone that tells me when my friends are online on the xbox. So yeah anyway he comes down, have a nice evening etc.

This morning, the bell goes off. i answer the door, we get up. i come downstairs looking for something, he then starts moaning, and says are all the clothes on the floor clean....which i don't know. puts it all in the wash basket and goes straight on the xbox. He does that every morning. Every morning, afternoon and night. he's on th
at stupid xbox.

I love him so much, but he has no drive, no dreams or ambitions that sometimes i do wonder if it is better for me if i wasn't with him. I love him so much though, and when he is gone i miss him. but when does it come to the point where i have to start thinking of me?

I dunno how to put it any other way. my mind is all over the place. But i know i'd love to do this to his xbox!

x x x

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