Wednesday, 31 March 2010

So shameful!

I feel so ashamed... my WW plan has taken it's dip but I'm trying to get back on. I think it was because i lost my routine and my way. I need to get back on the horse! I don't want to stop 2 weeks into it!

After putting on 2 lbs after the hen weekend i don't want to know how much i put on during my birthday week! So i did not go to my meeting, which made me feel bad. Now everything i eat makes me feel guilty. I always seem hungry too. Boyfriend is finally getting his letter from the job centre to say he is unemployed to get a cheaper gym membership so we can go together. I also want to go and try yoga. But yeah i don't want to feel like this anymore... i don't want to feel like i am depriving myself yet again but then again depriving myself is more like gorging on crappy food that won't make me feel any better for eating it. I am battling my two brains... my gimmie more food part and the sensible part. I guess i need to try and gain control, hence me getting back on track with knitting to keep my hands busy so they wont be sneaking to the cupboard!

That's it for now, I'm not feeling too chatty at the moment.

Love from the girl in the fat suit.
xx xx

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