Friday, 26 March 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since my last post as i have been a busy bee. I went to the hen do and then i had an interview at Nissan up in Sunderland, North East England. This week i have put on 2Lbs mainly from the hen do and all the pizza and cocktails! To be honest i thought it would be a lot more so i am not disheartened.

Boyfriend's mum is so into me doing weight watchers.... maybe slightly more obsessed with me. But the thing is that i found it so hard to stick to my points because i was away from my home, and not able to keep track online. So i was not good either the past few days. I also went to a meeting up there because i have a monthly pass but because i only had my pass number and not my actual pass i had to pay £5.50! i was gutted. so not only did i have to pay £5.50 but i put on 2 Lbs....

My interview went well. they seemed to like me, i felt like i gave good answers. So i find out today or next week if my life is to turn upside down again and move up north. The salary, though, is more than worth it.

Today is my birthday, and i got all upset. Not because i was another year older but boyfriend's grandparents gave me £40 for my birthday. That sounds bad.. i loved the money but it made me sad because i don't have my own grandparents. Not really. My grandfather died 4 days after i was born, and both grandmothers died recently. Which only leaves my grandfather who lives in Spain and who unfortunately has Alzheimer's and the majority of the time can not remember me. It makes me wish that my grandparents wouldn't have lived so far away as i was growing up. One set lived in Spain the other lived in the North West of England.... I grew up seeing each set once a year if i was lucky! I don't want that to happen to my children when i have them. Which will be hard because my parents live in London, and boyfriend's parents live in the North East.

But enough of me feeling sorry for myself, it's my birthday!!! Where's the cake?!

Love from the girl in the fat suit
x x x

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  1. Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday! Well done for weighing in while you are away - it is all too easy to find an excuse not to!