Sunday, 6 June 2010

Judgementals can Jog on!

On Friday i went out for my jog, and i am still on Week 2 of the C25K as well I'm unfit and i find it extremely difficult but I'm not letting it defeat me. I know i am very overweight and cannot expect to be Kelly Holmes (British Olympic runner) in a matter of a month and a half! I am preserving and it's working, i am continuously and gradually losing weight, so what i am doing it certainly working.

But back to my point, whilst i was running i saw a group of young kids, couldn't be older than 15. I hesitated, i didn't really want to go past them, but i thought to myself, no, why am i being scared of 4 kids? I'm judging them just by the stereotypical media portrayal. I've worked with young people, the image they give off generally is the opposite of what they normally are. So i said to myself I'll go past them but instead of jogging i will walk.

I saw one of the girls look at me, then nudge her friend. Her friend answered "what? what do you wanna show me?" i saw them look at me, and stifle a laugh. As i carried on walking, i could hear them laughing. Well i can safely say, i let 4 children ruin my workout. I was in tears. There i am trying to do something about my weight only to be laughed at. I hated that they made me cry, i hate that i let them hold power over me. But all i wanted to do is slump to the floor and cry. However i kept my head high and tried to keep my tears at bay. I went off with dignity back to the car.

So i can certainly say i will not go jogging round the park at 6 in the evening on a Friday during half term when the kids mean judgemental kids are out doing their drugs (yes they were sorting out their roll up). I look back and feel like i should of said something but a) we are still full of knife crime and any type of confrontation could bring up a possibility of something... who knows and b) if there was a confrontation gone bad....they could probably catch up to me if i ran away!

So as i said... yes i was humiliated but it won't deter me going out jogging! I'm a girl on a mission!


  1. Hi hun, I can't tell you HOW MUCH I know how you feel! Have a look at my blog post - you'll see that I didn't handle it quite as well as you did!!

    Well done for saying it won't deter you - I think that is REALLY good.

    Even this Friday we went for a walk and had to go past a group of young teenagers who decided to "stomp" after us for a bit until they got bored - not impressed at all! You are so right about the knife crime thing too!

  2. aww please dont let it put you off, your a lot braver than me by getting out there and doing it so please keep it up.

    Big hugs xxxx

  3. kids are assholes, but you sounds pretty awesome. :) stick with it.

  4. Well done for not letting those children deter you! I have just started the c25k plan and I am very overweight, my biggest fear is being ridiculed while out exercising. The fact that you can overcome this and continue trying to do something good for yourself proves that you are very brave and determined - so well done! :) x