Monday, 7 June 2010

The lost art of letter writing

This morning as i was walking out the door there on the doormat was 1 letter and that letter was addressed to me! I was so excited as my name and address was hand written. It  was just my local MP invited me to an afternoon tea but i was feeling all happy because i had that hand written envelope. Sad i know but it got me thinking.

We as a world wide nation do not stop and take the time to write letters to our friends and family. We have the phone either land line or mobile, we have the Internet, facebook, twitter. We text, we email...we can even send our birthday cards via the Internet without putting pen to card.

So i was thinking, i would like a pen pal. I had one when i was younger and it was fun, i couldn't wait to receive my letter. I would love to start that up again. But i don't know how to start. In this day in age who can you trust? You are not only giving perhaps a stranger your address but in the letters you will be discussing your personal life. Has anyone got a pen pal or know how to get one?

Do you enjoy writing letters? Receiving kind words that someone has taken time for their life to write to you?

Answers on a postcard addressed to Girl in Fatsuit!


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  1. I'm in!

    Would you like my address? :P

    Send me a DM on Twitter!