Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Inspiration needed!

It has been a while since my last entry. I've not been at the laptop as much since i got my phone back. But i can't blog on my phone tho, which is not cool.

Last week i went to the North East with BF. I didn't get to go to the gym or go for a jog. I ate sweets at the cinema, take out and drank alcohol. So i put on 4 pounds. I have been hitting it hard at the gym since. I went on Saturday evening after work and then today. I keep hitting that darn wall when it comes to jogging. I'm still on week 3 of my C25K and only seem to be doing 2k. By the second 3 minute jog half of me is begging to stop, the other half is begging and willing me to carry on, that i can do it.

I don't quit, If i do need to take a breather and rest my legs i do it during the walking bit.

I can't seem to get motivation though. I'm currently stuck in the 280's.... how can i be struggling already? All i keep thinking is that i can't believe i let me self go so much last week. I could be out of the 280's and be in the 270's by now. I wanna reach 30 lbs lost! i was so close and all!

But it's just a blip. I will go past it! I will exercise my shrinking butt off these next few weeks so i can escape this blip! I am now going to set up my goal list and bucket list to keep me focused.

I read on someones blog at some point... I'm sorry i can't remember who, let me know if it was you. But for every pound you lose you should add a paper clip to create a paper clip chain. I've got that up in my room. I look forward to adding the paper clip(s) and feel gutted every time i have to remove one (or more).

Who else has tips to keep me motivated now that i do not go to Weight Watchers?


  1. Hi there

    Just wanted to say great idea on the paperclips thanks for mentioning it! I have a charm bracelt (not a proper pandora one just a cheap one) and everytime I lose a stone I'm going to add a charm. I also added a silver one for reaching my 10% loss too. I wear it everyday and it remind me how far I've come (3 charms on so far and 0.5lbs away from adding another yay!)

    Your still doing great and at the end of the day you might have put on but your still lower than when you started which is the main thing!

    Keep it up! Shell x

  2. You are really doing a super job. it can become difficult to stay motivated and I have just entered week 3 of c25K and the Pod Cast has really helped me keep going-so, we are on the same stage-I'll check in to see how you are going...as for motivation-I love to go on-line shopping a fill a basket with clothes in the size I want to be-or add them to my wish list! It's fun, costs nothing and keeps me focused.

  3. Keep going! Like the paperclip tip. :)